Cedar Summit Mountainview Resort Playset from Costco

Last week, I posted a photo and description of the Suncast Wood and Resin Playset from our local Costco in Oak Brook Illinois and commented that I was pleased that we purchased the Cedar Summit version last year because I preferred the looks of all-wood version over this year's edition that has a lot of plastic panels and elements.  I was surprised that Costco eliminated the Cedar Summit folks in favor of Suncast - it seemed odd to me that they'd take out a nice (seemingly) higher-end product and replace it with something that I perceived as being lower-end with increased pricing.

A few days later, I received a nice note from the folks at Cedar Summit that set me straight and provided some good news for Costco Playset/Swingset shoppers around the country.  They, indeed, are selling this year's Cedar Summit edition and it is called the "Mountainview Resort'.  He also laid out the facts:
  • The Suncast plastic/wood playset is ONLY available in the Midwest and Texas regions (I think those are Costco definitions).
  • The majority of the Costco Clubs in the US will be featuring the Mountainview Resort by Cedar Summit.
  • The Cedar Summit will be sold at $999.00 (vs. $1299.99 for the Suncast one)
  • The Mountainview Resort is made of 100% FSC Cedar and has a Tube slide
If I was in the market for a swingset, I wouldn't go any further than Costco and get the Cedar Summit Mountainview Resort.  I've never assembled/owned a Suncast Wood and Resin Playset from Costco, so I can't speak to it's attributes, but I've now had the Cedar Summit Panorama in our backyard for a year after assembling it myself.  I couldn't be happier.  

If you find yourself in a Costco market (midwest+Texas) that only carries the Suncast version, go find the manager of the store and see if they'll help you buy one from a different region.  I don't believe it will be available online (and...besides....the shipping cost would kill you!)

Here's the footprint of the Cedar Summit Mountainview Resort:

And here's a full set of photos courtesy of the Cedar Summit team:

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