Elmhurst Chiefs Hockey

Yesterday, the three of us spent part of the morning up in Bensenville, watching my nephew play in one of his first full-ice hockey games.  He's only 5, but he's already part of the Elmhurst Chiefs Hockey program and lovin' every minute of it.  They played well, but on this day were outmatched by the visiting team.

Youth hockey is so foreign to me - mostly because I didn't see a second of ice time during my childhood.  In fact, I'm not sure there was a rink that was within 30 miles of my folk's house.  With this rink being so close and hockey being a 'big deal' in the neighborhood - based on the other kids on the team including one girl - I'm wondering if the hockey bug will catch on in our house?


  1. Try a skating class when she's a little over three. You'll know in about 30 seconds whether she likes it or hates it.

  2. Vincent hated it at first when he started at 4 because he had no patience for learning to skate. He just wanted to know how to play hockey from minute one kind of like he could play soccer easily when he started. He learned skating with a puck is much harder than running on solid ground with a soccer ball. But they catch on so quickly. A year later he's playing on a travel hockey team and loving every minute of it. He literally wants to be on the ice every single minute of every single day.


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