Damn Squirrels Ate My Corn

Last year it was mice.  This year...I woke up to find 2 squirrels devouring my corn!  I ran outside and chased them off.  But after the meal they had, I'm guessing they'll come back.  I can only hope they don't like tomatoes and carrots.

I managed to grab one fully-intact ear off the stalks, but there was close to a dozen more shredded ears laying on the ground.  Based on this story, I'm not the only one to loose their corn harvest to squirrels.

Take a look at that ear, though!  Those are some juicy kernels, eh?  Once we taste the ear that is currently in the fridge, I think we'll resolve to give it another go next year.


  1. Strange black bugs got all of our corn before the squirrels could get em.


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