Pumpkin(s) Update - 2012

I planted four different kind of pumpkin seeds in Late June and after a month, we have some definite winners and losers.    The only problem is that I didn't label the seed locations.  So, I don't really know what's doing well and what is suffering.

You can all see that big vine/plant in the middle of the photo.  It has gotten itself wrapped around the wheelbarrow handle.  That one is doing great.  But, see that little green spot on the far right hand side of the photo?  That's a different variety of seed.  Not doing so well.

And in this photo, you can see a 3rd variety on the far left.  It is doing better than the little scrubby one, but hasn't taken off like the big vine.  I'm guessing that the big one are the Sugar pumpkins and the gourds are the ones on the left/right.  Time will tell, I guess?


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