HB Jones - Elmhurst

Last night, we went out to the new burger joint down on York Road called HB Jones.  After waiting for 10 or so minutes to get a table, we found ourselves in the front room in front of the fireplace.  The restaurant is made up of three rooms.  The back greenhouse room - where you enter.  A middle bar area with high-top tables and a smallish front room that has windows out onto York Street.

We had a great table and a nice enough guy for our waiter.  On both sides of our table were families with multiple kids, so we fit in just fine.  It *was* 5:45 on a Saturday, so it wasn't like we were competing with date night for seats.

We'd heard good things about this place.

As we were leaving, Nat asked me a question:  "Are we too picky?"

That's how I'd sum up our experience.

Now, granted...neither of us had a beef burger.  We both had turkey burgers that were topped with huge amounts of various toppings.  It almost seemed like they were trying to cover up an ordinary burger with lots of Merkt's and bacon.

We also ordered an appetizer and it wasn't great, either.  The runner who brought our food out told us that a dip was a "avocado/gaucamole-type" but it turned out to be wasabi.  Great for Nat who took a big dip in the pool.

We'll probably give this place another shot because it was pretty kid-friendly, is a local business and serves casual food.  But, it won't be because the food knocked our socks off.


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