Snuggery Coming to Elmhurst

Word came out this week that the Elmhurst City Centre is about to get a new bar/restaurant called the Snuggery.   According to the Tribune:
Another new restaurant is coming to the city's downtown. Ala Carte Entertainment based in Schaumburg, is planning to open one of its Snuggery restaurants in the space formerly occupied by the Embers restaurant at the southwest corner of Adelaide and York Streets, according to city officials. 
The company operates a number of area restaurants under such familiar names as Finn McCool's, Moretti's and The Snuggery. 
Plans call for the new place to open around mid-summer. The Elmhurst Snuggery will be the latest in a long line of restaurants at that location, a list that includes McNally's and Charlie's as well as Embers.
I'm no prude, but taking a look at their site, it appears that the last thing this place is selling is their food.  At least based on the visuals/layout on their homepage - even though they say they're "serious about food".   The market will bear out whether this place is a good fit for Elmhurst and if they do indeed have good food and good service, we'll be a customer.  (Ideally...they have tasty, tasty chicken wings, too!)


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