Dahlias in Planter Box

Over the weekend, I found a screaming deal on these Dahlia tubers at Mendards.  There are three Manhattan Island Dahlia tubers and 3 Kiev Dahlia tubers.  Knowing my experience with these big Dahlias, I know that I have to put them in a container and make sure we bring that container inside for the winter - long before the frost comes - if I want it to survive until next year.

I'm getting these in the planter box pretty late, but I've finally gotten around to setting up the three spare planter box frames that Nat picked up last summer.  I've attached them to the south fence line in the backyard.  They'll get a ton of sun and as long as I remember to water them regularly, they should be quite happy there up in the air.

I'll try to grab a photo of the boxes hung on the fence, so I can track their progress.


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