So Long and Good Riddance: Cash for Gold Elmhurst City Centre

Not all store closings in our downtown are created equal.  While I'm bummed about Jamba Juice, I actually couldn't be more pleased to see the Cash For Gold location at 122 N. York fold up shop. least I *think* they've fold up shop.

They emptied out the store.  You can't really tell from that photo above, but there is no furniture in the store any more.

What can we get in here?  As you know, the places/types of businesses on my list include:

  • Kitchen/cooking stuff store (think independent Williams Sonoma)
  • Manly Craft store/hardware store minus the nuts/bolts) (think Kaufman Merchantile)
What else?  We don't need more yogurt shops or salons.  But...I'm a free-market-guy, so I guess until I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is, we'll just have to sit back and see. 


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