Mariano's Elmhurst: Opening Night

On Monday night, Nat and I attended the Opening Night Celebration at Mariano's in Elmhurst.  (Disclosure:  Mariano's is an Edelman client.  I work at Edelman these days.  Got it?)

If my experience was like any one elses, they made quite the impression on the community.

The team that Mariano's assembled went all out.  They had the front half of the store decked out in a pretty incredible display of color and style.  From the faux-Chihuly pieces hanging from the ceilings, a DJ and dancers and tons of food and drinks.

The current Mayor Steve Morley was in attendance as were the past two Mayors along with a bunch of elected officials (City Council and School Board).

The store itself, while we didn't get a total look at the place, is HUGE.

We had a great time and can't wait to get back to do some shopping at the store.  While I certainly am hoping that Mariano's will succeed, I am very wary that our Jewel, which is in the City Centre will suffer as a result.  That'd be a big whole to fill, wouldn't it?


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