So Long, Qdoba on St. Charles

Sad news is being reported by multiple outlets:  The Qdoba Burrito joint on St. Charles near 83 is set to close as part of a restructuring.  And it is happening fast.  As in TODAY.

All total, they're closing 67 stores.  17 of which are in our area.

I have to be perfectly honest.  It always felt like a knock-off of Chipotle.  I have no idea which one came first, but in my mind it was the Burger King to the Chipotle McDonald's.  And...while I ate it a few times, I didn't love it.  I think that was largely because in my head a "quick serve burrito" was supposed to taste like Chipotle.

Too bad for Elmhurst.  Too bad for the folks who worked there, too!


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