Sorry Folks. Come Back for Cider Donuts In The Fall

When we were up in Michigan, one of the little traditions I have with the girls is an early morning trip to pick up some donuts and cups of ice.  We typically go to the Wesco gas station.

But the last time we were in Coloma, Nat had the good idea for us to head out across the highway to Grandpa's Cider Mill where we have devoured apple cider donuts.  That usually happens in the fall and is coordinated with a trip to either Crane's or some other orchard for some picking.

Grandpa's Cider Mill instead of the gas station?

As Vince Vaughn said in "The Breakup" about lemons for the centerpiece:  What my baby wants, my baby gets. we went.  Only to be 'Wally World'd' by this sign.

Sorry folks.  No donuts for you.  Come back in August, September or October.

We sulked back to the gas station and picked up a few long johns and apple fitters and went on our way.


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