Vacation Greetings From Crane's Pie Pantry

We were up at Crane's Orchard and Crane's Pie Pantry in Fennville Michigan recently to do some Honeycrisp picking and hard cider drinking and pie buying and the other fall-season what-have-yous.

On our table at the Pie Pantry were a series of laminated vintage post cards that had been filled out and mailed with canceled one cent stamps.  This image above was on the back of one of them and I thought it was spot-on for our trip(s) to Coloma in the offseason (i.e. not during the summer!)
Vacation Greetings:
Everything is mighty fine,
Water's sweet as any wine,
There is no roar and bustle,
Don't have to up and hustle,
It's the rural life for mine!  


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