Which Is The *More* Sharp Cheddar Cheese?

These two cheeses were side-by-side at the Jewel this weekend.  Being after the 'sharpest' cheddar I could get my hands out, I was confused by which would be better.  There wasn't a key on the packages, so I had to guess.  I went with 'extra sharp' this time and it worked perfectly for what I was using it for this time.

But, why offer both?

If I took the time to go look on the Cabot site, turns out this is one of their frequently asked questions.
What is the difference between Vermont Sharp, Extra Sharp, and Seriously Sharp Cheddar? 
Good question. The main difference between the three products is the amount of time they are aged. Cabot Vermont Sharp has a flavor that is reliable and consistent from batch to batch and is a customer favorite. Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar has a strong cheddar flavor that many cheddar fans specifically look for. Just like its younger sibling, Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar, it is consistent from batch to batch. You know what you are getting every time. Seriously Sharp is another story; it's our "wild" cheddar. Its flavor is unpredictable, always earns a "puck," and is usually even sharper than Extra Sharp. Seriously Sharp is a top of the line product that invites you to walk on the wild side, experiment with your taste buds, and treat yourself to a cheese sensation that differs from one batch to the next.
Mystery solved.  Seriously is *more* sharp than extra.  Know I know for next time.


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