Meeting Scoop Sanderson And Chief Smokey Miller on Disney's Mainstreet USA

Earlier this year, I posted about how we met the "Mayor of Mainstreet USA" at Disney's Magic Kingdom and after taking a photo with him, he passed us his card. You can see that post here.  

Now, as you can see in the photo above, we've a few more of the "Characters of Mainstreet" as the Disney Blog calls them.

On the left is Scoop Sanderson, Main Street Gazette Reporter, Town Councilman and Pin-thusiast. And on the right is Mayor George Weaver's “right-hand man” Chief Smokey Miller, Chief of the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department.  

Scoop used to be a big pin trader, but he's 'hung up his lanyard' these days and isn't trading.  Even with kids, which is a bummer.  

But just like Mayor Weaver handing out his card, Chief Miller has something 'unique' that he hands out to people and he gave us a couple of them after we took this photo.  He has "Main Street Volunteer Fire Department" badges (well...they're just foil stickers, but they're bigger than the usual stickers with Mickey's that cast members give out.  In fact, they're just a bit bigger in diameter than the 'celebration pins' that you can get at the Magic Kingdom.

Here's the badge:

There's still a few things we haven't done on MainStreet including the barber shop.  Maybe on our next trip, we can get an appointment for the King of the Ball Tossers for his first ever hair cut?!?


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