The Scarecrows Return. At The New Place...

Look who has turned up at our new place?!? is kind of *our* place.  You'll notice that the house looks a bit different.  We've still living on the same block thanks to my sister and Equation Boy/Man moving overseas for work. They were nice enough to allow us to 'squat' at their place while we figure our housing situation out.  That situation is a long, sad, and open-ended story, so that might be for another post. you can see, we're making ourselves at home in the form of some Halloween decorations.

Being the first day of October, I thought it was appropriate to show the new home of two of these guys.  I put them up but didn't have time to put up the two little girl scarecrows.  I'll get them up this weekend and then we can try to figure out building a new one for the boy.

This is the sixth year of putting these guys out and with a little bit of spiff'ing up, they're still looking good.


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