Home Depot Christmas Village 2015

The folks over at the Home Depot continue their annual tradition of releasing a dated Home Depot building for your Christmas Village.

Here's a post from 2011 that shows that year's version.  The date was in a different spot and they had Santa ringing a bell out front.

This year's edition comes with a couple of people lining the sidewalk (one with the - of course - orange apron).  They're pricing it really well at $9.98 (same price as 4 years ago!), but it isn't the best quality made building.  Nevertheless, I'm thinking that getting a building for less than 10 bucks is going to make this thing find plenty of homes in villages around the country.  Mantleburg is more of a Menard's kind of town, though.  So, we'll be without Home Depot for a while.


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