Menards Halloween Is Up - 2016

 Just like in year's past, I took the girls to check out the recently put-up Halloween section at Menards.  Here's the post showing the Babe in the 2015 Halloween section and here's a post from 2012 showing both girls.  They've both grown up a lot, eh?

Here's The Bird doing her best 'scary' face and I'm not sure what the Babe is doing on the right.  With Back-to-School out of the way, we are now entering my favorite time of year at Menards: seasonal.  They quickly moved out the backpacks and highlighters in favor of ghosts and witches and it won't be long now for Christmas stuff to creep in.  Last year, we spotted snowmen and Santas as early as October 6th, so brace yourself, folks.  Christmas Creep is coming.


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