New @ Menards: Fuzzy Inflatables For Christmas This Year

Last year, it was the kaleidoscope effects inside the inflatables.  This year, there's something new:  fuzzy material like on this inflatable Teddy Bear that they're selling at Menards inside of the Enchanted Forest that they've set up for Christmas.  This one is retailing for $99.99, but is the only one that has this fuzz on it.  I really liked it and the Bird was all over this one.  She kept saying "he's so cuuuuute!"

Have to wonder how this will stand up to the elements?  We seem to be able to get about four to five years out of our inflatables, depending on their size.  Between the motors running out (we sometimes use times, but a lot of time, we just keep them up all day and night long!) or the sun's UV rays fading the colors right out, we seem to be able to amortize the cost across four seasons at a minimum.  Looking at it that way, this one costs about $25/season.  

The first year of inflatables like this never seem to last long in stock, so there's not much hope in being able to wait until closer to Thanksgiving in the hopes of a sale.  As they say:  if you see it at Menards in the Christmas Enchanted Forest, buy it.  A lot of time, they don't last and they don't restock things.  So, it pays to pounce!


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