Dole Whip? Three Dole Whips!

There are a few movies that are tear-jerkers for me.  I matter how many times I watch them, they turn on the water works.  When Tom Hanks is torn up about executing John Coffey but can't bring himself to say those words.  Or just about any part involving Rudy's dad in the movie Rudy.  But, in particular this scene.

Every.time.  The music, the build-up.  The whole thing between Rudy and his Dad and brother.

That line.

"This is the most beautiful sight deez eyes have ever seen."

That was going to be the caption for this photo below.  But that's ridiculous, right?  Or maybe not.  Those of you who are in the know, might agree with Rudy's Dad.  Especially because they're floats.


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