Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

Back a few weekends ago, we packed the kids up in the van and headed up to Wisconsin.  The goal for the trip?  A visit to the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market.  Started more than 30 years ago, dealers, pickers, treasure hunters and lookie-loos descend on the Walworth County Fair four times a year (May 21, June 25, August 13, September 24 this year) to wander around and look for treasures.  We've been to the Kane County Flea Market, Shipshewana in Indiana and plenty of other one-off's or season (Christmas) vintage markets and antique malls.

And, I have to say:  I think this was by far the most comprehensive and best of the bunch.  There is so much there that we didn't see it all.  And while there's *some* junk, there's LOTS of treasures.  Deals?  Fewer to find than you'd think.  But the 'merch' as they say was high quality stuff.  And, perhaps that's why the dealers were pricing their stuff the way they were.  I mean...I'm not expecting Garage Sale prices, but there were more than a few items (McCoy pots, vintage kitchen drinking glasses from McDonald's) that I picked up, looked at the price and huffed while I set it down.

But, don't think that we didn't buy anything.  We sure did.  I'll post a few of the items on the blog, but the big winner of the day was Nat.  She came away with a lovely chandelier from these two pretty sweet gentlemen that she's intending to use in our new place.  It has been rewired and is ready to go.  I like that!  And, it is #oldstuff as she says, so I like that even more.


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