My Favorite (Christmas) Things - 2017 Edition

Happy Christmas, everyone!  Today is my favorite day of the year and has been so since I was just a little one growing up in Frankfort.  So, in that spirit, I thought I would resurrect a blogging tradition from years ago.  Back in 2009, 2010 and 2011, I posted an annual "Favorite Things Christmas-edition" here on the blog.  Many of those lists had up to ten different things on them.  This year, the list will be shorter - half in fact.  So let's get to it.

1.  This compilation video of Darlene Love singing her mega hit "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on Letterman over the years.   Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't even know this was a thing?  She's did it for almost 30 years!  Here's the oral history of the annual performance that is worth reading after you watch this below. 

2.  Growing a Christmas Amaryllis.  Earlier in December, I posted this comparison between a bulb we bought at Wannemakers vs. one I bought at Menards.  The Menards one has been a dud.  But the more expensive one from Wannemaker's?  Look at it now!  Magnificent and timing itself *just right*.

3.  The Krinner Tree Genie XL tree stand.  Seriously...take the plunge.  Spend the $90.  I seems like a lot.  But it is worth it. 

4.  This chocolate-covered large format pretzel assortment from Trader Joe's.  Of course, I house my fair share of Peppermint Joe-Joe's, but these are a nice complement. 

5.  Bringing our 'front yard tree' tradition to Downers Grove.  Love celebrating our first Christmas in our new house.  But also love that we brought just a little bit of Indiana Street along with us for the holidays


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