Apple Tree Blossoms - Belgian Fence Spring 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I planted eight Apple trees for a Belgian Fence espalier and chopped off six of them at 16" tall.  The two on the ends, I left tall and proud.  And today?  They are showing off some pretty pink blossoms.  On the top of this post you'll see the tree on the right (facing the fence).

Below, is the tree on the left (facing the fence) that is blooming, too: an effort to shame myself, I'm now two weeks in and still haven't gotten around to installing the wire system on the fence.

Why does that matter?  Because I'm seeing some TINY buds that are emerging from the trunks of the trees that I lop'd off.  Take a look (a close look) below:

Both of the top buds seem to be emerging from the 'front' of the tree, so that's going to take a little work to move it around the side.


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