Black Chocoholic Snakeroot - Back for First Spring - April 2021

One of the many plants that I bought at last Fall's plant sale at the Morton Arboretum was one (yes...I was a mistake to buy just one) of these Chocoholic Black Snakeroot plants.  It is a shade plant and gets between four and five feet tall and 2.5' to 3' wide.  So, I planted it in a spot near the fence, thinking it could be one of the 'back' pieces of a layer puzzle where our plan calls for some shade-oriented hydrangeas.  Last fall, it has these beautiful white flowers on some long stalks, so I was hopeful when I bought it that it would add some new drama to this side of the yard.  

Well, this Spring brings good news that this plant has come back for the first full season.  That makes the Morton Arboretum Plant Sale plants 2-for-2.  The Twinkle Toes Lungwort popped up a couple weeks ago and today, it is even flowering.  Note to self:  I should take some current photos.  

Here's what the Chocoholic Black Snakeroot looks like today below.  Some purple stems and green, lacy leaves.   

We have some work going on in the yard this week so I'll try to protect this from being trampled.  If you look at the photos in this post (above and below), you can see that I stuck some twigs in the ground around this plant to try to keep the kids away from stepping on it when they're playing in the yard.


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