New Soaker Hoses Under Hornbeams - May 2021

This post is simply an entry in the diary to ensure that I track progress against my 2021 to-do list out in the back/front yards.   Number 5 on the 2021 to-do list: "Lay down a new Soaker Hose under the Hornbeams".  I went out there to try to remember WHY I needed to do this.  Once I turned the hose on, I quickly realized that the hose had deteriorated and had sprung some HUGE holes near the beginning.  That meant that the trees at the beginning were getting watered, but less-so as the run went.  Here's one of the leaks:

And, to check the box, here's the new pair of soaker hoses that are now laying down on top of the hornbeam beds:

After I run water through them a few times they'll lay down flatter.  then, I'll get mulch applied on top of them and you'll never know they were even there.

Crossing #5 off my list.  


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