Lemon Star Amaryllis Still in Bloom - February 2022

When you plant a series of Amaryllis bulbs in November, they tend to go off on different schedules.  At least that's been my experience.  And that's one of the big reasons that I like to plant a variety of bulbs - so we get blooms throughout Winter.  In my ideal outcome, I'd see blooms starting the week of Christmas.  Then, carrying all the way through January and parts of February.   This year?  That's exactly what we've seen.  

Are all of them still blooming now - in February?  Nope.  Just one.  The Lemon Star.  It was the slowest starter.  But now?  It is the last one left and is getting its time in the spotlight (meaning...it is the only one on our kitchen counter right now).   These bulbs and some of the tending that I'm doing to our houseplants is a good bridge through the dark, cold Winter in terms of gardening.  

Below, you can see the blooms on the shorter of the two stalks that emerged this Winter.  Lovely green centers.   The last time that I posted about this series of "Christmas Flowers" was this same Lemon Star back in mid-January.  In that post/photo, you can see that the other larger bulb - Sunshine Nymph - was in bloom then, too. But now?  Just this one.

Once this is spent, it will join its brethren upstairs in a southern-facing window where the foliage can suck up some of that sweet, sweet light.  I haven't tried to reuse Amaryllis bulbs in subsequent years, but maybe this year, I'll give it a shot.


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