Rabbit Damage - Sedges - March 2022


Sedges are something that I've just recently (in the past few growing season) gotten to know and planted in our garden.  We have five of these Carex Everillos planted around my flowering cherry tree in the backyard.  They're a nice little pop of color and are evergreen through the Winter.  Normally.  Based on my experience last year, I found myself leaving the foliage all the way through Spring clean-up and then I trimmed off all the leftover blades and cut it back to a clump.  From there, the normal cycle of regrowth took over and - just like an ornamental grass - new growth emerged from the center.  

This year?  Much of that 'clean up' was done for me.  By rabbits.  Those same jerks that have been eating at my Oakleaf Hydrangeas all Winter

Or was it?  This document from Good Oak in Madison Wisconsin says that rabbits don't usually eat sedges.  From that pdf:
"Rabbits do not typically eat grasses, sedges and ferns, however, there are always exceptions."

We don't have deer in our yard, so it can't be deer.  If not rabbits, who else?  


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