Biosolids (MORE!) In The Front Bed And Lawn - March 2023

Another day, another post showing some of the use of biosolids in the yard and garden.  This was a couple of half-full trugs of the organic material in the front of the front porch bed and a little bit scattered in the lawn.   I last showed using it in the backyard.  But, I've put the bulk of biosolids down this late Winter/early Spring in the front.  Parkway and main lawn.  Bu, also in the front porch beds.

Below are a couple of photos showing a bit of biosolids scattered in the front of the bed (first photo) and the two trugs that I used.   The reason for applying it to the bed was because I had a bunch of clay that I had dug up that was on the top of the soil.  When those clay clumps dried, I kicked them to break them up and then mixed in this organic material.  You can also see a little bit in the lawn, too.

What is my plan for the next batch of biosolids?  I was thinking of running them straight-down my property line in front - to sort of....boost up that 'domination line'.  Lulz.


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