Third Official Google Blog Post - Searching for the Stanley Cup

Yesterday, on the Official Google Blog, a post on the Stanley Cup Finals went live.  This was my third post published on the OGB (although 2 of them are "posted" by someone else).

I had the idea for the post late Sunday during the Hawks game, pitched the blog team internally and got the draft ready early Tuesday.  Jim - the Googler who's name is on the post - is a HUGE Hawks fan and I'm thrilled he agreed to put his name behind it.

The most interesting trend that I spotted was the surge in queries for [Chelsea Dagger] - the song the Hawks play after each goal.
Really pretty fun to get the posts in front of such a huge audience - there's 523K feed readers alone, let alone those that come from Twitter and other links.

For those keeping track at home here are the other 2 posts that I wrote (signed the GOP one)


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