Last Night's Tally: Halloween 2010

Had a big crowd on our street - mostly during the early hours - and beat last year's numbers.  This year, we had 39 kids "we knew" from the neighborhood, 181 other kids, and 16 adults.   You're probably wondering how I know the numbers?  Well....that's easy:  I kept track!    Below is my tally sheet along with the prior year's numbers in brackets at the top of each section.  The numbers aren't perfect, because when they come in waves, I sometimes loose track.  We break down by neighbors, non-neighbors, and adults.  Yes....adults.  Neighbors get big candy bars, the other kids get the normal Halloween-sized candy.

Last year, we had 37 kids "we knew" from the neighborhood, 147 other kids and I didn't track adults.

2009 Total = 184
2010 Total = 236
Avg Total = 210

Some will ask, so I'll put this out there up front:  I keep track of the candy numbers for inventory control and candy budgeting, of course!

As for the night, I'm sure that we're not alone, but we get a very heavy out-of-town crowd.  There are quite a few cars parked on our street where families come out from other cities to hit up our street and neighborhood.  I'm glad the kids get to come out, but when the parents come up with their own bag?  That's a bit much for me.  As Nat pointed out on Twitter last night:  adults with no costume and no kids = Almond Joy.


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