Basement Cleanout - 10 Yards of Junk

I'm *trying* to get serious about finishing our basement in the coming months but before we can do anything, we have to waterproof the space.  When it rains, we don't get water, but there's definitely seepage at the cove, so that means that before I invest a cent in the basement, I want to solve that problem. 

In order to solve that seepage problem, we have to completely clear the space out.  I've started to pull out the stuff we want to keep (Christmas Decorations, Halloween stuff, etc), but there is still so much to sort through. 

Much of it was pure junk.  Left over bricks and boards and old kitchen cabinets that I thought I would use during the construction/renovation but upon reflection I just don't want to deal with.  Because of that, I called the Junk Platoon.  For a few hundred bucks, they sent out two guys who cleaned out everything - and drug it through the half door on the side of our house. We filled a 10 yard truck pretty easily.   Here's some a shot of the truck as it started to fill up.  You'll note a few dozen half-cut brick pavers from our patio in the truck, too.  I figured if they were here filling the truck, I might as well get that junk out from next to our garage, too.  I called a few dumpster companies and for the same size as this big truck, I could get a dumpster dropped on my driveway.  Add in permits AND (most importantly) the fact that I'd have to drag the junk up and out, and it didn't make any sense to go with the dumpster. 
Hopefully by this next Saturday I'll have the basement MOSTLY cleared out, so we can get the waterproofers in to start their work.  I am going to try to do much of the work myself, so time is going to be tight.  We have a deadline:  December 18th - the Babe's second Birthday party.


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