Keno at The Board of Trade in Watervliet

When we were up in Michigan we stopped by a restaurant that we've long been eying - The Board of Trade.   It is on the other side of the lake from us, but right in this little pocket of homes that we call "Summer Rental" because it has a distinct feel that is different than the rest of the lake.  Small, cozy cottages that are really close together.

The Board of Trade restaurant itself was fine - nothing crazy, but at least as good as the Friendly - so it gives us another option. 

But the food isn't the reason that I'd go back.  It's the Keno.  Yes....Keno at your table.
I had never played Keno, but I plunked down eight bucks and had fun for 16 minutes.  There's a draw every 4 minutes so you can really spend some dough.  I'm not a gambling fiend, so it was just enough to wet my whistle.  Now....I won't go into this at length, but I suppose there is some issue with this being available.  I *get* that the state is trying to generate some revenue (and a beach/lake house town is a pretty good place to do that), but with Michigan being in such poor shape (unemployment just topped 10%), I'm not sure gambling is a great fit for the residents. 

But...will I go back? You betcha.  And I'll get the burger again.  And play some numbers!


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