Balestri's 6th Annual Soppressatta Contest

Pasted above the paper towels in the bathroom of Aurelio's in LaGrange was this sign advertising a Soppressatta contest - which required contestants to bring two pre-sliced logs to enter.

Tickets are $25 in advance and there are trophies and prizes.  I had no idea that there were enough home-made/DIY Soppressatta makers in the western suburbs to warrant a contest.

With a simple Google search, it turns out Frank Balestri, the host for the contest calls himself the SodFather. not *that* SodFather.  Chicagoist has a video of his process.   Turns out, the Soppressatta is called "Sods".

Guess I'll have to learn how to make the stuff?  April 17th will be tough, right?


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