Spring Flowers Budding Out Front

Back at our old house, I used to document the various stages of the perennials that we had scattered across our lot and landscape beds each spring.  I used to love being able to go out and peek at the peonies or ferns poking through the mulch.  But, now that we're gone from that special house and staying at my sister's/Equation Boy/Man's place down the street, I am treated to a whole new set of spring experiences.  Just this morning, I was taking the trash outside to the curb when I came across these green shoots poking right through the grass surrounding a big tree in the parkway out front.  Thinking that they are tulips, right?  Based on the leaf shape and the curl?

There are plenty of frustrations about not being settled into *our* house, but sometimes the little things like this keep me positive.  I know that this weekend, I'll spend some time puttering around the yard checking out what else my sister has planted and see what is coming in.  Spring seems to be right around the corner.


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