Raglan Road @ Disney Springs - Coaster Collection

Back late last year, we had dinner at Raglan Road in Disney Springs and it.was.awesome.

We were down there with Nat's folks and they really love a good Irish pub.  They seek them out when they're traveling.  Because we're always eager to try new things on our Disney trips, it seemed perfect to head there and give this place a try.  I had ZERO expectations.  And was totally blown away.

They had live entertainment and some incredible dancing on a few different stages.  And there's customer participation.  They invited some kids to go up on stage and if you know my kids, you know that the two girls are sooooo different.  One is bashful and very deliberate.  The other is up for just about anything.

So, without much encouragement, up the Bird went on stage.  And she danced!  She was the youngest of all the participants, but that didn't stop her.  Afterwards, she got a few stickers and this sweet certificate recognizing her for dancing with the crew.

Oh, and the coasters?  They're fine.  The meal was fine, too.  Unfortunately, it was set for the night before both Natalie and I were supposed to run the Disney World 1/2 marathon.  But they canceled the race late that night.  We both would have totally eaten something VERY different if we weren't planning on running 13 miles at 5 am the next morning.

We'll have to go back to Raglan Road to put it through it's full paces next time.


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