What's This? The Pizza Ring?

Came across this kitchen gadget near the checkout aisle at the local Jewel here in Elmhurst:  it is called The Pizza Ring and it apparently comes out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Here's the product website with a video, but the basic premise is that frozen pizza companies are increasingly asking consumers to take the pies out of their boxes and place them directly on the rack in your oven.  That, in turn leads to all sorts of messy disasters that leave your oven dirty and full of frozen pizza residuals which, in turn, lead to smoke.

It is sort of interesting, but we cook so few frozen pies - and I haven't really experienced any sort of mess trouble with them - that I'm not moved to buy it.  Most of the time, we make the kids those little personal Home Run Inn pizzas that would likely just slip right through the middle ring of this thing, right?

For ten bucks, this unitasker (although, they point out that you can use this for pies that spill over, too!  So...technically, it might not be a kitchen 'unitasker') seems like a good fit if you cook a lot of frozen pies.  For us?  Doesn't seem to fit, but I'm still filing it here on the blog under the [pizza gear] section.


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