Potato Blossoms - Blooming July 2018

Back in June of this year, I posted about the two fingerling varieties of potatoes that I planted in containers.  I've kept them in one of the most full-sun spots in our backyard, right outside of our kitchen windows.  And they shot up.  I 'hill'd them up' as best as I could, but pretty soon, I ran out of container height.  (Lesson learned...plant them in super tall containers and plant them low, so they can get 'hill'd up' quite a bit.

This week, I saw these flower blooms emerging and thought that they're quite striking.  In fact, that's the exact phrase I used in my Instagram post from earlier this week.  Striking. (on yeah...that's my gardening-focused Insta handle.  That, much like this blog, is intended as a diary of sorts.)

I posted about these very same blooms back in 2016, so they're clearly something that grabs my attention in the garden. 

I've had some potato harvests that were huge.  And others that were duds.   Hard to say what this year's haul is going to be, but I'm hoping we'll get a few meals out of them.


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