Working Hands - Hand Cream FTW (Still)

Three years ago, I bragged on this very blog about how O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream had changed my life and cured my dry, cracked hands and kept them from bleeding each Winter season.  Ever since, I've been using the jar version (or 'pucks' as I call them) of this hand cream almost every day from Labor Day until about my birthday.  I keep a puck at the office on my desk and a puck on my desk at home.

If I stay on top of things, my hands don't get too terribly chapped and they've mostly stopped from cracking at the tips.

This year, my Mother-in-Law gifted me some O'Keeffe's Working Hands, but this time it wasn't in the puck or jar.

It was in this tube that you see above.  And despite the ingredients being slightly different between the two (it appears that the tube version has one or two more ingredients??), it is working just as well.

Consider this the next post in my Christmas Haul that continues here on the blog.  Christmas Haul post on Jake's blog about hand cream.  Yeah...hand cream.

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I'll post a few more things over the coming days to round out my Christmas Haul for 2018.

Now...back to Working Hands lotion....

Here's the normal jar or puck version below.  See this stuff at the hardware store?  Don't pass it by - even if you don't have dry hands.

If you're looking for a dude-friendly hand cream, look no further.  There's no scent.  That's huge.  At least for me.  I don't do scents very well.

It isn't greasy.  That's big too.  You can put this stuff on then get right back to your keyboard.  No wiping the stuff up your elbows or on your shins.  (at least...that's what I have to do every time I pump a little bit of lotion out of one of those large counter-top pumps that are laying around).

And it just flat out works.  Seriously well.

Oh, and if you're not happy?  They have a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.

Here's what the back of the tube reads:

I won't be applying for the money-back guarantee.  And trust won't be either.

#NotAnAd  #NotAnInfluencer

Want to see how they're marketing the stuff?  Here's their 15 second spot that I found on YouTube:

Luxurious? No.  Just serious. 


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