O'Keeffe's Working Hands Has Fixed My Cracked, Winter Hands

Have I told you guys about how I get super dry, cracked hands during the winter?  It is terrible.  They get rid, dry, flakey, cracked and even bleed when I hit them on something or tuck them into my jeans the wrong way.

But...a few years back, I found the solution.  And...when I use the stuff, it totally works and my hands don't hurt.  That stuff is called O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream.  Check it out here.

Let me tell you:  I'm soooo not a lotion guy.  I don't use hair products.  I don't use body spray.  My full arsenal of 'products' in the bathroom are deodorant and toothpaste.  I don't like things that smell strongly.  Actually...things that smell at all.  Don't wear cologne/purfume.  Hate lotions that smell like juniper berries and the like.

But...this stuff?  It doesn't smell.  It doesn't get 'goopy'.  It just works.  And...I'm not embarrassed about telling the world that I use this stuff.

I've been keeping this stuff on my Christmas list the past few years.  Santa has been good to me in buying two tins of this stuff.  I keep one on my desk and one on my nightstand.  *If* I remember to put this stuff on my hands...then my hands feel great during the winter.  And...that's a big if.  I always forget and my hands start to deteriorate after a few days of forgetting to put this stuff on.  Usually it seems to happen over the weekends.  When I'm away from my computer/desk.

If you're in the same spot, pick up this stuff.  They sell it it Menards and Home Depot.  Or buy it on Amazon.  

Here's their TV Spot to see the type of folks who use this great product:


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