15 Yards of Mulch - Delivered - May 2021

Last year, I had 12 yards of mulch delivered on the driveway.  And it wasn't enough.  This year, I expanded the beds in the back and knew I needed more than 12 yards.  I was planning on ordering 20 yards, but the delivery truck can only hold 15 yards.  So, that's what I ordered - thinking that I'd start with 15 and order 5-10 more after I spread it to see what was needed.  

This is what 15 yards of hardwood mulch looks like below: 

And here's a video of the delivery being dumped on the driveway:

I've done these videos a few times.  Here's a video from 2020 showing 12 yards.  Here's a video from 2011 showing 10 yards.  

I had a couple of my nephews come over to help me haul the mulch to the backyard in an attempt to save my back from the pain I had in 2020.  We were able to get all 15 yards put out in the backyard in just one day and there is quite a bit of more bed coverage needed, so I'm going to try to measure the space left and calculate how much mulch that I need to order for delivery #2.


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