2010 Apple Picking Visit

As promised, here's the rest of the photos from our visit to the Treemendous Tree Farm outside of Coloma Michigan from over the weekend.  That's a bit of a stretch - as these aren't really the 'rest' of photots, but a few that I pulled from my phone.

It isn't just Apples/Peaches at Treemendous.  They have a hayride and a little petting zoo.  With Billy Goats!
Here's a view of part of the orchard with my niece in the foreground.  Pretty spectacular day in Michigan.

Nat pulled the Babe on board and kept her entertained.  I'm claiming this was the Babe's 2nd visit, but Nat insists we count this as visit #1.  With my family being traditionalists, this won't be her last.

My usual pose from the orchard with a Golden Delicious crammed in my piehole.  This time with my nephew joining me in the hi-jinx.

In other news, according to Google's Insights for Search tool, [Apple Picking] seems to be the top fall activity for us folks in Illinois this year - running even with [Pumpkin Farms].


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