Wall Calendars Turned to June

June in my wall calendar world means The Incredibles on the Pixar calendar on the left and the Stock Pavillon at the University of Illinois on the right.  Unfortunately, last year, I posted about the June calendars on the first day of the month.  Gasp!  That's bad for the tally.  I flipped the calendars and took this photo above at my office earlier this week on the 6th, so that's a +5 day increase.

For those keeping track like I am:
  • January took 8 days to put up the calendar. I don't think I was tracking January last year. So let's call it a wash. (+0 Days)
  • February took 16 days to put up the calendar. In 2015, I turned it over on the 17th. (-1 Days better)
  • March took 8 days this year. In 2015, I turned them on the 10th. Posted on the 11th. So...that makes it -2 days better.
  • April took just 7 days. I didn't post last April. So..no new net days.
  • May took 12 days. Net + 5 days over last year. Wowsa. 
  • June took 6 days.  Net +5 days over last year.  Another Wowsa.  
What went from a -3 days net in terms of improvement in April, turned into a +2 net loss from last year's turns by May.  And now is a +7 differential in June. I said it last month, but I'll say it again.  I gotta be on the stick for July.


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