Bird's Nest - Found in the Yard

One evening recently when I came home, the kids excitedly came up to me and couldn't contain their excitement about finding something in the backyard.  It was this bird's nest.  They found it in the middle of the grass, so it seems like it fell out of a tree.  There weren't any signs of this being inhabited - no shells or parts of shells - so I'm not sure if it is from this season or just a remnant of another season that was used by a bird family.  I scooped it up with a shovel and put it on this little side table.  The Bird - our middle child - was the most interested in it and we talked about building a nesting box/platform out of wood that we can hang in the yard.  Maybe we can place this on there and see if someone would use it?  Or maybe just encourage another family to inhabit it next season? 

Based on a quick Google search, we're assuming that this is a Robin's nest.  And this page makes it seem like 're-use' of a nest happens, so if we put this back on a potential platform, there's hope that it gets some use - or even built 'upon' next season.

We're going to go down to the workshop and work on a nesting platform design that we can paint and hang.  Will continue to check the box towards our certification of our wildlife habitat.


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