Another Columnar Flowering Japanese Cherry Tree - For Zone 5B

My love of columnar trees and what are often called Fastigiata form in trees is well-established.  I've posted about them many times here and have posted photos of my travels to Tokyo where they, too, seem to have been drawn to the columnar form

I've planted a few different columnar trees in our yard including a *somewhat* columnar shaped Chanticleer Pear tree in a few spots.  But, the list of columnar or narrow trees and shrubs is pretty deep here on the blog:

After looking around for some other Columnar trees, I came across - and shared - this list of Columnar trees from Pretty Purple Door - on the blog this Fall and lamented that the one Japanese Flowering tree that she included (The Japanese Flagpole Flowering Cherry Tree) is not able to survive in our cold Winter climate of Zone 5b.  Unfortunately, most sources show this tree down to just Zone 6

Ever since I saw the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, I've wanted to have some of our own.  I bought a Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree in 2017 and immediately planted it in our new yard.  It bloomed in 2018, but this Spring (2019), we saw no flowers

Bummer.  Both about our tree not flowering.  But, also because this columnar Japanese Cherry isn't hardy down to our Zone. 

I played the sad trombone when I figured out that the tree wasn't going to work for us in Downers Grove.  But, as I was poking around on the Web, I came across something new (to me);  the Amanogawa Japanese Flowering Cherry tree.  It, too, is columnar in habit.  But, this one goes down to Zone 5 for hardiness.  From Monrovia:
This narrow, columnar tree is perfect for those with limited space. In April and May, the upright branches are smothered in large, semi-double, pale pink flowers. Bronze-green foliage turns to mid-green and then bursts into orange and red autumn colour. A wonderful tree for lining avenues or as an eye-catching specimen.
So, what does it look like? 

This!  (Via this pin on Pinterest).

This is NOT my photo.  It is found via this post on Pinterest.  
And this!

This is not my photo - found via here. 

Now that I know that there's something like this Amanogawa variety....I feel a little bit like Lloyd Christmas:

Seems like a tree that I have to start tracking and try to located this Amanogawa Japanese Flowering Cherry this Spring.  I know *just* the place for it. 


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