Weeping White Spruce - Fall 2019

I bought this small Weeping White Spruce in the end of May this year and planted it on the southside of our property close to the fenceline here (it is a columnar, very narrow tree!) at the beginning of June.  I seem to have failed to measure it and include it in my annual yard tree inventory post this year, so I thought it would be worth sharing this thing as it goes into Winter.

I don't have the best luck with Winter conifers.  This past season, I lost my other weeping tree - the Alaskan Weeping Cedar - even though I tried to protect it with Wilt-Pruf.  Welp, actually, I don't have much luck with conifers anytime as I also lost my first Fraser Fir last season.

I'm torn as to if I should apply the Wilt-Pruf to this Weeping White Spruce, but I'm thinking that it can't hurt.  Last Winter was brutal and the Cedar Tree was just a casualty of it - like the buds on all of my flowering trees and the Wilt-Pruf didn't seem to help on the Cedar.  If I mix up a batch of Wilt-Pruf, I will likely coat this Weeping White Spruce, the pair of Rhododendrons that I treated last year, the five remaining Canadian Hemlocks, the trio of Gold Cone Junipers (that were showing stress before Winter) and...maybe the Dwarf Alberta Spruce, too?

This Weeping White Spruce is currently 47" to the very top tip that I've wired up to be (I hope?) the leader.  I'll hope to see some growth emerge in the Spring and then some height next season when I take the inventory.

The color of this tree is greenish blue.  I've yanked on the needles and they don't seem loose, so I'm thinking that this tree has had a decent Summer and might be ready to take on Winter.  When I do my leaf collection, I'm thinking of creating a couple of rings with a little chicken wire fence that I can drop my leaf mulch inside of and surround things like this - and the little Canadian Hemlocks and the Disneyland Roses with a little bit more insulation that they'd normally get. 


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