Social Distancing Project: Making Anthony Falco(ish) Chilies

I've been hanging onto this screenshot Via Adam Kuban on his Instagram stories for a number of months in preparation for times *just* like these.  Being stuck at home, I figured it was time to try something like this.  The problem?  I didn't have a ton of peppers, so I improvised. 

The recipe calls for 5 chilies - and it looks like Adam Kuban used jalapenos.  I had one jalapeno on hand.  And a couple of Fresno peppers.  And a bell pepper.  So, I used them all.  I also didn't have coriander seeds, so I just tossed in a little ground coriander. 

I've posted about Adam Kuban before - who is someone that I watch like a hawk when it comes to pizza.  He's both great at knowing/sharing/talking pizza and seems like a pretty great dude at the same time.  But, I haven't posted about the other guy mentioned in his story.

These are courtesy of "International Pizza Consultant" Anthony Falco - who you can find on Instagram @millenium_falco.

As for mine?  Here's what they look like after I sealed the jar below.  I think that if I had fermentation weights that I'd have used them on this project because the peppers were floating a bit.  Also, I used the 250 ml of water/250 ml of vinegar and my quart jar didn't fill up all the way. 

I let the jar cool, then stored it in the fridge.  I'm going to try to top a pizza with them this week.   What am I thinking about?  Well...funny enough, it is a reference to ANOTHER Adam Kuban-inspired pizza post about Speedy Romeo's "St. Louie" pizza that includes some pickled peppers like these in the jar.  


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