Mixing Up The Toppings? Don't Mind If I Do

Just yesterday, I showed a few 'progress' shots of my latest Detroit-style pies.  While I'm pleased with how they're turning out, I think I've been stuck in a rut in terms of what they're made out of on toppings.  I go with sausage/pepperoni or soppressata almost everytime on one of the pies.  BBQ chicken is another common one.  I think I need to mix it up a bit.  

For the past two weeks, I've been staring at this post by Adam Kuban on Slice/Serious Eats from 2012 that shows a pie called the Saint Louie from a joint in Brooklyn.  It has provel on it - which all pizzanerds know about as a St. Louis exclusive.  And...I won't be copying that, but the toppings are interesting to me and I think there's likely a way to go a bit more "Chicago" by thinking about using giardiniera instead of the pickled peppers?  That kinda takes it away from 'nachos', though?  Ever had a pizza that reminded you of nachos?  The photos below tell the story.

From the story:
The nacho comparison should have come to me sooner, given that the Saint Louie is topped with pickled chiles in addition to a very good house-made Italian sausage (and pepperoni whose presence was barely discernable). It's a winning combo.
This photo is from the Serious Eats pizza here.


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