Wave Hill(ish) Chair - Lumber Spec'd - March 2020

More social distancing and filling my lumber order for delivery from Menards today.  This is the third in the series of posts that are mostly about getting my order straightened out for lumber based on some upcoming projects.  First was the wooden garden obelisk.  Then the Versailles Orangerie Planter box.  Today is the lumber for a Wave Hill(ish) Garden Chair. 

I mentioned adding chairs like this for the first time last year in December.  And revisited it in this post where I found a reference photo on Reddit that showed a modification of 2 boards to 3 boards for the seat/back. 

For lumber ordering, I'm using the dimensions of this chair and the cut list tool

Here's what I've come up with for the 2x2's based on the cut list tool.

[1] → 27" (x4) [2] → 20" (x4) [3] → 11" (x2) [4] → 26" (x2) [5] → 3.5" (x2)

Lumber list:
 1. 12 2x2 square edge 36" spindles.
2.  2 1x6' for back and seat (doing 3 instead of 2 like this)
3.  1 1x4' for arm rests and bracing to hold top of chair together on back
4.  Brads for tacking.
5.  2.5" kreg pocket screws

The spindles are cheaper and what I think might be straighter than normal 2x2 treated lumber in 8 foot lengths.  I've bought them in the past and they're typically torqued and curved. 

Have one more project to spec out for lumber, but that's for another post. 


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