Social Distancing Project: Versailles Orangerie Boxes - Lumber Spec'd

All this social distancing and being on quarantine has me putting together a lumber delivery from the fine folks at Menards. least assuming that *if* I put a lumber order in that they will deliver it.  The list of 'essential' jobs and stores includes hardware stores, so I'm thinking that they're open?

There are a few projects that I included in my 2020 to-do list including a raised planter or a Versailles box.   With all the time spent at home, I've also added another project or two to my list:  a garden obelisk and a boardwalk.  More on both of those at some point.

Today, I'm thinking - once again - about the Versailles planter box that we first saw at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.   Why?  Because I recently came across this photo on Instagram that features a couple of the Orangerie boxes:

As for my lumber order, I have found various sets of plans around the Web that talk about how to build something like this.  I'm going to kind of use a hybrid of the plans.  Here's what I'm thinking for parts below.  For size, I'm going with: 30" by 30" square box with 39" height - including the feet and finials.  With 4x4 posts (nominal width = 3.5") that means: 30-7 = 23"ish of side materials on each side.  With a 4.25" finial plus .75" height post cap, that's 5" of the 39" height.  Add 5" for the feet (same 4.25" of post + .75" of caps used as feet) = 29" of material.

Further, I'm going to use 2x4's as crossbraces - that's 3.5" in height (of the 29").  And a 1x2 laid on its side - that's another .75".  Total of 4.25" out of 29 = 24.5".  Might trim it to 24" to use available material.

Here's what I'm thinking of material per box:

1.  2 4x4x8 posts.  I have a couple of cedar posts on hand already.
2.  7 1x4x8 tongue and groove pattern boards.  7 24" pieces per side.  4 sides.
3.  2 1x2x8 treated boards.
4.  2 2x4x8 treated boards.
5.  4 3.5" x 4.5" treated round finial.
6.  8 4.25" x 4.25" treated post caps (4 for top of posts under finial.  4 for feet to avoid sinking)
7.  8 2x2x36" square end spindles (for cross-bracing out outside)
8.  #8 Blue-Kote Coarse washer head Kreg screws (for pocket holes)
9.  2 1/2" outdoor deck screws (for various connections)
10.  2 2x6 treated boards (for flooring)

To make it a little bit more economical, you can see that I'm spec'ing treated lumber vs. cedar lumber.  Based on the ones that we saw *live* in Paris, I'm going to end up painting these 'Go Away Green', so treated lumber seems to make the most sense.  Maybe a little bit of marine varnish on the inside of the planter to protect the wood? 

Similarly...I'm going to put together an order for the obelisk and the raised vegetable planters and maybe even the garden chairs.  Will post those to organizing my thinking.


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