Dwarf Umbrella Plant Top Prune - March 2021

About a month ago, I decided to take a dwarf umbrella plant that was mostly forgotten about upstairs in our spare bedroom and transplant it to a different container.  The goal was to straighten it out - and get it standing straight up in the air.  But, also to try to compel some new growth through some top pruning.  It wasn't long before that initial care that one or two tiny buds began to pop from the trunk.  But, they didn't take off.  Checking back in this week - about a month from that initial top prune - and you can see (below) that the tree is showing some new top growth right at the point of cutting.  There are a couple of smaller branches growing and the light green, larger branch:

As for the trunk buds, they're continuing to exist, but not breaking much in terms of throwing off new branches.  You can see one of them on the left side of the trunk below:

That one (and another one) appeared right after I did that initial top prune.  So...you're thinking the same thing that I'm thinking, right?  

Off with its head!  

Yep.  Time to lop off that large growth on top.  I'm going to leave the little ones (for now) and clip this larger branch off with plenty of room for die-back.  Here (below) is the new top with it clip'd right off:

I'll be keeping an eye on the trunk buds - with the hope that this new stress to the apical meristem will cause the tree to put some energy lower down the trunk and we'll see at least one of those buds break into a branch.


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