Two More Waterslide Hostas - June 2021

Last year, I bought a single Waterslide hosta at the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant sale and immediately had regrets of not buying more.  It is a pretty green/silver color and has strong ruffled leaves. I planted it around the flowering Cherry tree last Fall and it came back this Spring.   When I went to the Spring plant sale, it was sold out, but that just meant that I had to hunt for it.  On a trip to Home Depot one night, I found two of them and put them in my cart quickly.

Here, below, are the pair of ruffled, Waterslide hostas laid out where I planned on planting them - in a sort of linear drift adjacent to the sedges.


Once planted, you can see the difference in the size of the one from last year vs. this year's version with the oldest one on the top right:

And, here's another look - below - showing the three Waterslide hostas.


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